Sydney, Australia / Men's & women's wear

DESIGNER:Damien Horan ダミアン・ホラン/Daniel Oliver/ダニエル・オリヴァー



都心のアートに囲まれた,小さなスタジオでクラッシクなデザイン、旅、探検 自然美といったワードをコンセプトに作られています。

DESIGNER : DamienHoran / Daniel Oliver


The Assembly-label celebrates a life of adventure. It is a fundamental cohesion of classic design, travel, exploration, beauty & nature. In late 2011, amongst the art-lined walls of a small inner city studio, Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver came together to combine their experiences from the wide open road. What unified the two creatives was their vast experience throughout the fashion industry & a shared vision for high quality, durable menswear at an accessible price.

Dedicated to the principles of fine design, Assembly Label is immersed in the spirit of beauty, simplicity & progress, with each collection channelling an ever changing time & event. A love of endless exploration & adventure serves as the universal tone & voice for each collection.

The Assembly-label seeks to bestow a timeless original style & sophistication upon men the world over……