Sydney, Australia / Men's Women's wear

DESIGNER : Jamie Blakey / ジェイミー・ブレイキー





DESIGNER : Jamie Blakey

10 years ago a young designer from Brisbane packed a bagful of her own clothes, a few patterns, two pairs of scissors and a head full of dreams and jumped on board a bus to Sydney. One Teaspoon was born with a ten-piece range that was an edgy mix of designer aesthetic and underground cool. Designer Jamie Blakey had found a niche that fit her to a tee and soon her clothes were hanging in major street-wear retailer General Pants and leading department store David Jones and became the brand of choice for fashion editors and stylists all over town. With the company mantra “All you need is love” alive and kicking, Jamie contributes the label’s success to her team - a group of close-knit friends who are constantly bouncing ideas off each other. Each individual plays a imperative role in making up this crazy collective. The team work closely with a group of outside contributors, (who also happen to be long-term friends), supported by experts at the top of their fields in public relations, photography and graphic design. With the talents and passion of everyone involved, One Teaspoon is a bubbling pot of inspirational energy; the result of individuals coming together and feeding off one another to build an amazingly unique brand culture, whose creativity knows no bounds. With a story that has spanned 10 years, and highlights that include shows at fashion week and seeing One Teaspoon on a host of Hollywood stars including Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie, One Teaspoon’s journey is only just beginning. has its sights rightly set on being an instantly-recognizable global brand.